Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bring a friend to class?

Absolutely!  Share WITH your friends all of the fun and educational experiences of Kindermusik and YOU receive a $10 credit toward your tuition costs.  Even if your friend joins a different class due to scheduling conflicts, or he/she has a different aged child, you will still receive the discount.  Make sure to tell us when you refer a friend to receive your discount.  And remember, your friend's first class is always free!

I have an older/younger sibling who will need to come to class with me...

  We know that sometimes an older sibling might have a day off from school or there is a new baby who has joined your family and it is completely fine to bring them with you to class! Once new baby siblings can participate in class, please register them for their very own class or attend a Family-Style class together.   


Do I attend and participate in class or just sit and watch or drop my child off?

One of the best components of Kindermusik is that our classes are designed WITH parents and caregivers in class.  No more just sitting in the other room wondering what your child is doing in class...You get to BE a part of our classes.  For the younger classes, parents/caregivers must attend with students for the entire class.  We also highly encourage the grownups to participate with their little ones in every activity.  YOU are the primary teacher at home, so please participate in everything and then take those activities home to extend the learning throughout the week.  For the older classes (Level 3 and Young Child), parents/caregivers can wait in the lounge (or run to the library!) and your young student will come get you when it is time for you to join in the fun of class.  Please discuss with your teacher an approximate time that parents will be invited into class so you will know when to return from your errands.  Please be involved in class, whatever the age of your child.  We respectfully ask that you leave your phone in your purse/bag unless you need to take a photo or video of your active child.  And remember to share those photos with your friends and family!



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