The Little Music Room Policies

Let it Begin with Kindermusik

Welcome to The Kindermusik Room

We are passionate about bringing music into the lives of every child.  We look forward to an exciting and enriching time together as we focus on your child’s total development in music through singing, dancing, instrument play, vocal development and much more during class each week.  In this handbook, you will find the answers to many of your questions about our program and studio.  Please keep it handy for your reference and if any questions arise, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.


Sonya Greear - 423-737-0402

Angela Briscoe – 423-737-3859

Katie Gass - 423-767-9584 

Enter our classroom and you can tell we love what we do.  We strive to provide the best possible experience for every child.  Each and every Kindermusik activity is based on research and designed for the whole child learning.  The fun and happiness we have in class is part of the community we are building together.  Our joyful task is to facilitate these activities and share with you what they have the potential to become- not only as developmental tools for your child, but as activities for you to continue together all week long, everywhere you go.  Your child looks to you as their first and most important teacher and we are here to support YOU.

Student Attendance and Sibling Attendance

It is imperative that your child attends his/her class each week.   Remember, you have made a financial investment in our program and we want you to get the full value of this commitment.  Be excited about setting up a Kindermusik routine in your week.  Come to class consistently and on time.  Research shows that the continuity and longevity of the ongoing Kindermusik experience most benefit your child’s development.    However, we do realize there are circumstances that will arise such as illness, vacations, etc. that will keep you from class occasionally.  When this happens, please check our class schedule and attend any of our other age-appropriate classes to enjoy a make-up class for the one you missed.  You can access our class schedule at or pick up a class calendar (post it on your refrigerator!)  in our studio.  We are happy to have you join a class for a makeup class at anytime.  Because our schedule is so flexible and in order to be fair to everyone, class fees are not prorated or refunded for missed classes.

We offer a 20 percent off tuition discount as well as one materials package to share if siblings are enrolled in the same curriculum.  We know that older/younger siblings may have an occasional day off school on your regular class day and he/she is always welcome to attend and enjoy class with you on this day.  When a new baby joins your family, he/she may join us in class in a baby seat (for the nappers) or baby  carrier (for the ones who are awake).   Please no large strollers inside the studio for the safety of everyone.  When your child is old enough to participate on his/her own, let’s enroll him/her in a class!  For the much older siblings, please let them enjoy our lounge if they do not feel comfortable joining class. 

Severe Weather Policy

We follow the Johnson City School system for inclement weather cancellations.  If Johnson City Schools are closed or are closing after the beginning of the day, The Kindermusik Room will also cancel classes.  We do not make calls for this situation, although we will send an email and text to you.  Please make sure our email address is on your approved sender list.  We will also post any cancellations to our Facebook page at The Kindermusik Room and to our private Kindermusik Room Family group page.  If you are in doubt, please call or text your teacher for details.  The semester is extended a week to accommodate a missed class due to weather. 

Teacher Cancellations

The teachers of The Kindermusik Room are truly dedicated to their families and students in each class!  We are committed to being in class each week, prepared to go with the day’s lesson.  We strive at beginning and ending each class on time to give our very best to your child.  That’s a promise!  If, for any reason, a teacher is unable to teach her class, another teacher will step in to teach for her that day.  If that is not an option, then your teacher will either schedule a makeup day for the missed class or choose to extend the class a week to accommodate the 14 week semester (some semesters have been adjusted for COVID )

Our classes

We offer classes for all ages, newborn through 7 years.  You may join a curriculum at any time, even if you did not participate in the previous one, with the exception of the Young Child program.  Our fall semester begins the week of September  20 and runs through the week of  December 6.  Our spring semester begins in January 17 and runs through April 27.  Want to join our studio after the first week? Please do and enjoy a prorated tuition cost.  We have an open-door policy, in which you can join anytime during the semester, but it is the most beneficial to you and your child to start at the beginning of each semester to enjoy the class fully, seeing friends each week and thriving in a routine. 

Registration, Payment and Home Materials

When you decide to join a class, you can register by calling 423-737-0402 or visit .  Once you have logged in (the email on file is your login.  If we have registered you over the phone, your password is your phone number without the area code or dash, example 7370402.  You will be asked to change your password the first time you login.  I will not be able to see this new password but can give you your hint or reset it for you.)  You can pay for your fees with cash /check/venmo with no additional fee charged.  We do accept debit/credit card/PayPal payments with an additional $10 per transaction fee.  We do accept payment in full for all classes unless you have chosen to setup a monthly payment plan with Sonya Greear, owner.  There is a once per year, per child $20 registration fee.  There is also a $15 late fee on monthly payments.  $35 fee on all returned checks.  If you need to mail a payment, please mail to: The Kindermusik Room, 194 Royal Oaks Dr, Jonesborough, TN 37659.  Please do not mail any payments or correspondence to The Annex as the postal service does not deliver to our building. 

Beginning Spring 2023, we no longer require home materials.  You will still have access to all class music in the Kindermusik App.  If you would like to purchase instruments or books, please browse our instrument shop in the lounge.  

Birthday Party Packages

We also offer an exciting birthday party package!  You can schedule it at our studio or we can bring the party to you.  We center our theme with your party theme (past themes include: Superheroes, Pirates and Princesses, Around the Farm, Going to the Zoo, and SOOOO many more!  )  Parties are $125 for established Kindermusik families, ($150 for new families)  for up to 12 children for 45 minute party time in our studio or your venue.  Book your special day with us at 423-737-0402.

Sick Child Policy

We truly go the extra mile in trying to keep your child healthy in The Kindermusik Room.  We clean, scrub and sanitize all instruments and props after each class so they are ready and germ free for the next class to use. We use the Kindermusik International recommended cleaners for our instruments and props.  These cleaners do not leave a harmful residue on the instruments, after air-drying.  Our studio is also cleaned multiple times per week by US and the staff of Central Baptist Church.   We have also installed medical grade air purifiers in each room to "scrub" the air.  

While we strive to keep our studio as clean as possible, we realize many things are out of our hands.  This is where we need your help.  If you have been running errands before class, please feel free to wash/sanitize hands in the kitchen or bathroom sink before class.  We also keep hand sanitizer on our desk for your use.  Also, when possible, remove your shoes and place them in the shoe cubby outside the room.  Diaper changing facilities are located in the bathroom for those messy situations.  

We know almost everyone will come down with something this semester.  If this occurs in your family, please know The Kindermusik Room’s policy on sickness: If your child has had a fever in the last 24 hours, please continue to stay at home and get well until you have been fever free for at least 24 hours.  Also, if your child has colored mucus, please also remain at home.  If your child has been diagnosed with a contagious illness such as pink-eye, the flu, a rash, etc, please remain at home until your doctor says your child is no longer contagious.  These policies are in place for the safety and wellness of everyone who visits our studio.  When you miss a class due to illness, please speak with your teacher about a time to make-up a class. 

Class schedule and dynamics

Our 14 week fall semester begins in August and concludes in December.  Our 14 week spring semester begins in January and concludes in April.  Throughout the summer, we offer classes and play dates.  Please be sure to pick up a class calendar each month to refer to as you plan your semester.  We observe Washington County school system fall and spring breaks and some federal holidays in our studio.  All breaks and holidays are posted on our website home-page as well on our Face book studio page and our private Face book family group page. 

Class is 45 minutes each week, with the exception of Young Child classes, which are 60 minutes each week.  We encourage you to register for and attend the same class each week to build relationships in class as well as allowing your little one to thrive on a regular schedule. 

One of the best components of a Kindermusik class is that they are designed WITH parents and caregivers in class.  No more sitting in a separate room wondering what your child is learning!  YOU become a joyful part of class with them!  For the younger students, (Foundations, Level 1, Level 2) a grownup attends the entire class.  For the older classes (Level 3, Level 4  and Young Child) grownups can enjoy a cup of coffee in the lounge or run a quick errand and then will join these classes for the last 15-20 minutes of class for special presentations or together time.  Please discuss with your teacher an approximate time to join class so you will be back from your errands when your child comes to get you.  Please spend class time as an active learner with your child, whatever their age.  We respectfully ask that you not be on your phone, either talking or texting, during class unless you want to snap a quick photo of your child participating!

Friends in class

We know that you will love Kindermusik classes so much that you will want to share this news with friends.  When you refer a friend to class, and they attend a FREE class, you will receive a $10 credit toward tuition costs.  Even if your friend attends or registers for a different class, you will still receive this discount.  Please make sure to tell us when your friend attends class so we can adjust your account.     


Refund Policy

We offer the following refund policies. Only one policy will apply to the class your student is registered for. The class description and the registration process will identify the exact refund policy for the class you have chosen.

Studio Refund Policy
Deposits are not refundable, but tuition and materials fees are refundable if we are notified in writing or by email 2 weeks prior to the start of the class.

Privacy Policy

We promise to respect your privacy. We do not sell, rent, loan or transfer any personal information regarding our customers or their students to any third parties. Any information you provide about yourself or your students is held with the utmost care and security and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented.

Information gathered on our web site is collected and used by us and SimplySignup. We will not collect any personal information about adults or students except when specifically and knowingly provided by them. If we collect any personally identifiable information about students, we will first obtain their parents' consent. Examples of personally identifiable information include full name and birth date.

Use of Information

Information collected by us is used internally by our authorized individuals for three main purposes. First, we may collect information for improving our site by seeing which areas, features, and products are most popular. Second, we may collect information in order to personalize the site for our customers. Third, we may collect personal information from visitors who request additional information about our studio, a Free Preview Class Coupon, or who choose to register for classes online.

We hope that you will want to provide information about yourself, because it will make your experience here more valuable to you. If you are comfortable sharing some basic information, you will receive enhanced services that are impossible to offer to anonymous users. Examples of such services may include email notices of special and discounted items, e-newsletters, and special mailings related to The Little Music Room, including free developmental activities and special offers.

On occasion, we may also share non-personal, summary information regarding our customers with unrelated third parties (for example, we may publicly disclose the aggregate number of registered users of our web site). However, we will not share any personal information about any particular customer.


Registering for class online is a completely safe experience!

We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)—the highest standard in online encryption technology—to ensure that your personal and credit card information remains secure. SSL encryption allows you to register with confidence, knowing that only you and The Little Music Room have the ability to access your information.

Keeping customer information private and secure is a top priority.

Whenever you access a secure page on our site, the information you send is immediately encrypted for your protection. There are two simple ways to see if you are on a secure page:

  • Look at the URL (website address) in your browser. If you are connected to a secure server, the URL will always begin with "https" rather than "http."
  • Most browsers display an icon that indicates whether or not you have a secure connection. Look for the unbroken key or closed lock icons in the bottom left or right corner of your browsers.